Freelancing Pyjama Style


Before I started freelancing I read all these helpful blog posts on how to do it properly. And every single one mentioned this one:


Meaning: do not sleep in until late, take your time to make coffee and crawl behind your computer in your pyjamas only to get distracted by social media. Rather: get up early, like any other job would require you to do, shower and put your butt in that seat and write dammit!

I do think the above commandment is an important one. In the beginning, I did sleep until late and didn’t even bother to crawl behind the computer. It didn’t mean I wasn’t concerned about the consequences. I was just really tired.

Then I got this cleaning lady who persisted on coming to work at ungodly (for normal people, regular working) hours. So once a week I woke up early, sat outside on my balcony and worked (mostly out of guilt) until she left. Then work started pouring in- meetings at 8 am, deadlines, people calling early in the morning- and before I knew it, I was sleepy at regular-people-hours in the evening and I woke up at a decent hour in the morning unable to sleep.

Awesome, right? Until yesterday. I had an early morning Skype meeting with someone who was travelling. I woke up, brewed fresh coffee and crawled behind my computer just in time to dial in. I felt so guilty afterwards that I hurried to the bathroom, took a shower and dressed extra cute. Today, I woke up early, showered and worked a couple of hours straight. After I let the cleaning lady in and made coffee of course.

Some things will never change





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