I’m a twenty-something gal and pretty sure I’m smack in the middle of my quarter-life-crisis. Although it’s ace being a junior associate at a Magic Circle law firm, my recent soul searching session made me realize I’m actually a writer. Of course it would be irrational to just quit my job and follow my dream, so instead I decided to blog about it.

Fun fact: I got my nickname- yes it’s Coco for Chanel- from my co-workers, not only because I fancy myself very stylish, but mostly because we have our name in common and my ultimate dream used to be owning a Chanel suit. I’m also not sure I’m ready to give up prancing around in Louboutins, keeping warm in Pucci and rolling in my Beemer. My family, friends and co-workers are unable to get how driven Coco who adores luxury suddenly is willing to subject herself to poverty in exchange for happiness and fulfilling her long life dream.

Join me on my journey to breaking free from the corporate world and submersing myself in the happy go lucky life of a writer.

Help save Coco!


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