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Bacon & Rags

Hi All!

It’s been a while (again) and I have a lot of catching up to do! Where to start?

So, while I was away, my “second” client became my biggest yet. They gave me a couple of projects to start with- write a commemorative book, draft their annual report and design a corporate brochure- and along the way we’ve added a couple of smaller (and bigger) projects. Now I am their “Chief Listener” (fancy title, huh?!) as well, as they are trying to move into last century (island-style) by focussing more on social media.


Hard to believe, but in addition to that client I am also collaborating on an online magazine and a new blog. All behind the scene, i.e. proof-reading where I can, tag along to interviews and come up with awesome ideas. If you want to find out more about Curacao and how regular people give back to the community, you should definitely browse through the first issue of the magazine here. It has nice pictures too!

But what I’m most invested in is the new blog Bacon & Rags- where food meets fashion. I have some other stuff on the side as well, e.g. I’m trying to land this freelancing gig at the oldest newspaper with the biggest readership on the island, however that’s all talk for now. So, if you guys don’t mind, I would really love to share the “story behind the blog” so to say as the Bacon & Rags team prepares to launch the website and tries to win over its audience.


It all started after a couple of weekends of eating at several great restaurants and obscure dives. There was some great food to be had at the most unlikely places, we just had to share it somehow with the world. Needless to say, some of us fashionistas were a bit frustrated with the shopping on the island, until we looked harder. We were surprised to find some treasures in the biggest dumps. Then, just one day, Bacon & Rags was born. Island food & fashion. A perfect combo, am I right?!

If I’ve peaked your interest, check out what we have on Facebook here, follow us on Twitter @BaconNRags or stay tuned for the launch of the website!

Thanks for hanging out here today and I hope to see you back soon.