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Beach Day

...heels on the beach...

Sun setting,

Towering on wedges, brown high-waist corduroy shorts,

Big sun hat and a straw tote.

Soft dry breeze, hand in hand,

Sand touching the skin, kites on the horizon,

A single red balloon.

Pop, sizzle, sparkling wine,

Sand and wet condensation, the smell of seafood and fries.

Beach day.


Trust issues- a poem

Once trust is breached, it’s difficult to regain
Questioning every move, nothing seems to be the same
Increasingly insecure, heightening scrutiny I will endure

No matter how unfounded, you are to blame
With my secrets and trust to you I came
How can you not understand that is going on?
How can you be blind to where I am coming from?

My loyalty dissipates and back into my shell I crawl
How can you not catch me- just let me fall
It is you I blame
And forever nothing will be the same