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My (not so new) obsession

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, by now you should know that I have a teensy weensy bit of a problem- I seem to quit a lot. I quit relationships that don’t seem to work out the way I’d like to (which explains why I’m single, but not too bothered about it) and I abandon projects I started with so much determination (buh-bye NaNoWriMo). However, through the years I’ve come to realize that certain concepts (or believes or passions) are here to stay- being creative (mostly through words), realizing dreams and connected with people.

Yes, I’ve abandoned that family newspaper I had running for a while, but I did keep expressing myself through other media. One of my children’s short stories got published when I was in high school, I wrote for a student magazine when I was at university and now I blog and write internal marketing/promotional emails at the office. And never forget the diary I have on my nightstand!

I think it’s fair to say that I am a passionate person. That used to mean that I would be extreme in my views and not afraid to share them.  Kids either loved me or were intimidated by me (and so avoided me). That pretty much continued throughout high school and uni. Slowly but surely I have come to realize that I must express my passions in a different way (yes, that too, but please get your mind out of the gutter!). While I was at university, I was president of a student organization for students with a Caribbean background. The organization was near bankrupt and not much was happening. I resuscitated it, by re-branding the name, organizing events that would interest the students (after a thorough market analysis, which was easy since I (and all my friends) was a student at the time) and convinced (ok, fine- begged!) notables to sponsor us or at least endorse us.  That experience gave me such a high and proved to myself that, contrary to popular believe, I am indeed entrepreneurial. (You see where I am getting at?)

I also feel it’s important to connect with people. I am privileged- I never wanted for anything (well, anything normal people would find essential that is- Louboutins don’t count), I am highly educated, I have a great paying job in the worse economy ever (yes, I had to sell my soul to the devil, but so what?), however a lot of other people are not that lucky. So growing up I raised money for hurricane victims on Sint Maarten, I sold tickets in order to fund a dance for deaf kids and I donate clothes to charity every year (and not the old, worn stuff- no, they deserve the good stuff as well). Now that I am a soulless corporate lawyer, I am a member of our community investment committee (and big supporter of the local dress for success branch- be charitable while remaining stylish is my motto).

I have decided to abandon yet another endeavor- I don’t want to be a lawyer anymore, even though I will probably miss my clients (who are basically little kids that need to be educated, disciplined and showered with love and attention). I want to stick to the three things I can’t seem to shake. So what better way to combine those three things than a literary/art cafe back home?

I have been thinking about moving back home for a while, but was not sure when, what I would do to earn a living or where I would live (no mam, I’m not moving in, I’d rather sleep under a bridge). I started toying with the idea of becoming a full-time writer, but since I couldn’t even post on my blog everyday or take on the NaNoWriMo challenge, I decided against it. Also, I feel more and more entrepreneurial. And I want people to learn about literature and art. Island dwellers also deserve a cosy place to gather and express themselves artistically!

Recently, I started writing down my ideas, did a little bit of market research and googled what a business plan is really about. I am becoming more and more obsessed with…ahum…I mean excited about opening the cafe. I find myself shouting from the roof tops that that is actually my dream, which is not too convenient when trying to keep up appearances during a client secondment…

To my surprise, people are so supportive of my idea. A business man actually said that it would do well. All of my friends can totally picture me behind the counter, chitchatting with a customer and writing my novel during slow hours. My mom is already excited about the menu and my dad is thinking about the best locations for my cafe. I, myself, picture the place to be somewhere people can read a good book while enjoying a latte, a podium for aspiring artists and musicians to show their work and a place where kids can get excited about writing (I’ve already visited the NaNoWriMo page for educators). I feel this is going to happen- I’ll have an outlet for my creativity, I will be building something great and I’ll have the opportunity to connect with people and give back.

I feel this is going to happen…