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My name is Coco and I’m a Food Network addict

I just read an article on Huffington Post on binge viewing and I’m sad to say that I could totally relate. It comes in waves. I can go weeks without watching any tv shows, then spend about 8 hours straight watching the stuff on my computer. I try to download them legally so, no worries there right?

Anyway, the article got me thinking though. Ever since I’ve been back home and I’m working from home, I spend a lot of waking moments with Food Network on tv at home. It’s usually background noise when I’m working, but as we slowly move into prime time, I start paying attention to the shows. I actively watch Barefoot Contessa and Giada at home. I also watch several of Paula Deen’s, Rachel Ray’s and Guy Fieri’s shows. But the shows I am really addicted to are Chopped and Triple D (a.k.a. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives).

You might think that I’d be in danger of becoming a recluse, but surprisingly I’ve grown closer to many people through my Food Network addiction. My mom and I sometimes sit together an entire afternoon to watch all out favourite Food Network shows. We sometimes drink wine, but often times we get so inspired that we go out, get the ingredients and hit the kitchen for a cooking sesh. Afterwards we invite the entire family to enjoy the feast. My dad was so happy with our cooking that he got curious as to how those shows are able to inspire such goodness in people!

My boyfriend shyly admitted that he is a converted Food Network lover. He was dragged into it, similar to the way we dragged my dad into it, by his mother. We watch Chopped together and try to guess who the episode’s winner will be. (I usually win- I am just a great judge of talent, I suppose :p)

So, I guess, these types of addictions can be good. Just stay away from the other stuff!