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Choco Prince: the only kind a girl needs

Sitting behind my computer, willing myself to write a commissioned piece, my mind conjures up images of deliciousĀ snacks that would make this afternoon more bearable.

My kitchen has a lot of goodies. Among semi-charred mini cheesecakes (oops!) and fruit I find LU Choco Prince. A quick Google search shows that it is a Dutch treat, which means that 1) it must be had with watery coffee and 2) it’s not necessarily known around the world.

And world, believe me, you would want to know about this chocolate goodness. There is little else that can brighten up a frustrating afternoon than two crunchy biscuits filled with a vanilla cream layer and covered with velvety milk chocolate.

If you ask me, a Choco Prince is the only kind of prince a girl needs!