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Freelancing Pyjama Style


Before I started freelancing I read all these helpful blog posts on how to do it properly. And every single one mentioned this one:


Meaning: do not sleep in until late, take your time to make coffee and crawl behind your computer in your pyjamas only to get distracted by social media. Rather: get up early, like any other job would require you to do, shower and put your butt in that seat and write dammit!

I do think the above commandment is an important one. In the beginning, I did sleep until late and didn’t even bother to crawl behind the computer. It didn’t mean I wasn’t concerned about the consequences. I was just really tired.

Then I got this cleaning lady who persisted on coming to work at ungodly (for normal people, regular working) hours. So once a week I woke up early, sat outside on my balcony and worked (mostly out of guilt) until she left. Then work started pouring in- meetings at 8 am, deadlines, people calling early in the morning- and before I knew it, I was sleepy at regular-people-hours in the evening and I woke up at a decent hour in the morning unable to sleep.

Awesome, right? Until yesterday. I had an early morning Skype meeting with someone who was travelling. I woke up, brewed fresh coffee and crawled behind my computer just in time to dial in. I felt so guilty afterwards that I hurried to the bathroom, took a shower and dressed extra cute. Today, I woke up early, showered and worked a couple of hours straight. After I let the cleaning lady in and made coffee of course.

Some things will never change





Turns out this freelancing thing is harder than I thought

307025_10150790948930538_10150138498640538_20446241_1361639187_nI’ve been raving about my freelancing career for a couple of posts now, but I recently had a run in with good ol’ Mr. Rejection…again.

Yes, I have a big client. But, I would want to diversify a little. What would I do, income-wise, if my client went bust or just decided to go another way? I mean some stuff I am doing for free (potfolio building) and other ideas just don’t get met with the¬†enthusiasm¬†I bring them.

I am lucky enough to be part of a closed online group of freelance newspaper and magazine writers. They are a huge support. But still….rejection is never cool.

I’ve been trying to pitch to several newspapers, magazines and websites and most of my emails just go unanswered. I got a “great idea,unfortunately, we focus on other things” reply as well, which was somewhat encouraging. But the silence…oh the silence…

My fellow writers encourage me to, either suck it up and chalk it up to experience or just keep chasing. As a lawyer I was the mother of all chasers and I still possess the skills. However, I just don’t feel like it. Isn’t stuff supposed to happen if they are right for you, and not happen if they are not right? Or do you force destiny now, just to find out later that it was all wasted effort, because something much better came along and you were too busy to notice?

What do you guys think?