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Home Improvement equals AWESOME!


I hate moving. Packing up all your stuff, the unexpected expenses that come along with it, are not great at all.¬†Moving definitely sucks. However, house hunting is great- the idea of starting a new adventure, getting to explore other people’s houses and buying new¬†furniture.

Once you’ve moved though, and been through the horrible packing-unpacking bit, it gets old fast. The newness gradually wears off and the uncomfortable aspects rear their ugly heads. Where can you buy your fave cosmetics, where are the good shops, which restaurants are good?

I’ve recently found out that there is an easy way to lift yourself from that rut: home improvement. In the beginning you’re probably ecstatic that all your stuff has been unpacked and you’ve kinda found a place for everything. But after a couple of months, once you’ve settled in your new home, it’s good to review the home and decide where you can improve.

Improvements can be small, like rearranging cupboards for better use of space or add more storage space or add accessories. But improvements can be big too- fresh coat of paint on the walls, new drapes or, like me, add new kitchen appliances.

Improvements take time, but if you invest the time I can guarantee you that you will be happy with the results. I’ve had a new oven installed- what will I bake today??