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Happily Ever After Starts Here….

Sober-IndustriesA new year, endless new possibilities. Everyone is screaming their new year’s resolutions from the top of their lungs. Drop multiple dress sizes, be “nicer” to people (what does that even mean btw?!), start saving, stop racking up those debts, so and so forth. I used to be right there with those delusional people. I used to write them down on December 31 of Old Year and reread them December 31 of New Year and realise how disappointing the past year was, because I didn’t keep any of my resolutions. Great way to start a new year, right? Nope.

So these past few years I’ve started first reflecting on the past year, then writing down new year’s intentions instead. Things I wanted to accomplish the coming year and what I needed to do to accomplish them. Then I would just forget about it and drink myself silly. January 2nd (or 3rd in some instances) when I recovered from all the partying, I would just choose one thing I really wanted to achieve that day (big or small) and do it. I didn’t wait for the most convenient time or the beginning of a new year. I didn’t resolve to do anything, but just did.

Result: last Monday, like any other December 31, I walked around reflecting on the past year and thinking about the year ahead. All last year’s new year’s intentions never grew to be more than that- they were just intentions. And that was ok, because I have a long list of goals I have achieved during the year. 2012 was a good year- with ups and downs, painful conversations and harsh realisations and good times. I’ve managed to pursue my dreams- I’m freelancing as a writer and I finished that first draft of my novel. I am happy in a relationship and I’m closer to my family than ever before.

Of course, in reality, there’s a lot of bickering in my family, my boyfriend has his flaws and that first novel sucks. But the point is, I did stuff that I can be proud of! No disappointments about failed intentions, no telling off of myself for not keeping those crazy resolutions. Rather a proud moment for everything I have achieved and the only resolution I need: to keep on trucking!

Happy new year everyone- may it be a great one, with lots of little attainable goals.